Curse of Strahd

Session 7: The Streets of Barovia

A house on fire, undead in the chimney, and a mournful mother

The Party

  • Alvyn, forest gnome monk, level two (John)
  • Arden, human rogue, level three (Alice)
  • Ewok, hill dwarf warlock, level two (Igor)
  • Godzilla, elven cleric, level two (Chad)
  • Gravrot, tiefling warlock, level two (Matt)
  • Hesk, half-orc fighter, level two (Caitlin)
  • Lister, human fighter, level two (Milo)
  • Mehen, dragonborn paladin, level two (Liam)

Ewok joins the rest of the party on the balcony outside the third floor as his fellow party members climb the rope to ground level. Hesk lowers Lister to the ground gently, and Godzilla heals Arden so he’s able to climb down himself.

Once on the street, the mists cleared, by starlight and moonlight, the adventurers can see themselves on a short street, a corner at each end, and an intersection to the left. Somewhere in the distance, they can hear sobbing and sounds of mourning, but no people are visible on the street or in neighboring homes.

Having started a fire in the bed upstairs, the party tosses a torch in the front door as well, to burn the place down. Then they go next door, to see if anyone is home, and if not, to sleep.

During Lister’s watch shift, an undead creature climbs down out of a fireplace to attack the sleeping brave. The party is awakened, another zombie emerges from the chimney, and combat ensues. Vicious blows slice off arms and legs of the undead; they fall to the floor and take on a life of their own, flailing and clawing.

Once the zombies are defeated, the party rests — to wake refreshed. In daylight, they see that the Death House has been unharmed by fire. Its doors and windows have returned. The group heads toward the source of the moaning and sobbing, which continues. Somewhere in the distance, a dog barks. Cutting down a narrow alley between two homes, they approach a two-story house with boarded up windows.

Hesk climbs to the second story to pry off some boards over a window, to attempt to gain entrance. Inside, the sounds of sobbing are louder. Exploring an empty bedroom, the adjacent hallway, and a second bedroom, the group comes across a crying woman sitting in the center of the floor. Gravrot speaks gently to her, and she engages with the group — her name is Mary, and she is despondent because her daughter, Gertruda, an innocent, recently ran away. She fears for the worst, that Gertruda has absconded to the baron’s castle.

Mary also tells the party the name of the misty village: Barovia.


Barovian bloggers are like, why bother, we’re cursed from the day we’re born. Is no fun, is no Blinsky.

Session 7: The Streets of Barovia

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