Curse of Strahd

Session 6: Escaping Death House

Back up to the attic, and a hard-fought route outside

The Party

  • Alvyn, forest gnome monk, level two (John)
  • Arden, human rogue, level two (Alice)
  • Ewok, hill dwarf warlock, level two (Igor)
  • Gravrot, tiefling warlock, level two (Matt)
  • Hesk, half-orc fighter, level two (Caitlin)
  • Lister, human fighter, level two (Milo)
  • Rune, deep gnome rogue, level one (Adin)

After a long rest, the party decides to head back upstairs to leave the house. Lister suggests trying to burn it down.

They climb the 50-foot-high Secret Stairs to the Storage Room. There, they notice a few differences from their previous visit: The windows have been bricked up, the stove is emitting a caustic thick smoke, and the doors have been removed. The group determines that the doorways are now trapped with several swirling blades. A couple party members brave a tumble through the doorway into the Attic Hall, while others — seeing that the walls are somehow more brittle and termite-ridden than before — smash through the wall, discovering a swarm of rats.

The group makes its way into the Attic Hall, finding another window bricked up. They go downstairs to the third floor, emerging from the secret door into the Nursemaid’s Suite. There, more windows bricked up, and the fireplace emitting acrid poisonous smoke, which takes its toll. The party smashes through a wall into the Nursery, discovering more rats. And a few make it onto the Balcony outside, three stories above ground.

At the end of the session, Ewok is in the nursery; Alvyn has climbed down a rope secured to the balcony railing to ground level; and Lister, Gravrot, Arden, Rune, and Hesk are crowded on the balcony. Lister will be unconscious for two hours, Arden for four, and Rune for three.



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