Curse of Strahd

Session 5: The Cult is Denied

Lorghoth the Decayer, and a treasure trove

The Party

  • Alvyn, forest gnome monk, level two (John)
  • Arden, human rogue, level two (Alice)
  • Damakos, tiefling paladin/sorceror, level 1/1 (Jonah)
  • Ewok, hill dwarf warlock, level two (Igor)
  • Godzilla, elf cleric, level two (Chad)
  • Hesk, half-orc fighter, level two (Caitlin)
  • Lister, human fighter, level two (Milo)
  • Mehen, dragonborn paladin, level two (Liam)

Having determined that the cultists expect a sacrifice, the party tries to trick them by Lister lying on the altar, and a party member cutting her hand to drop some blood on the altar. The chanting demand doesn’t change.

When Arden, queen of the mice, left the altar and dias, the cultists’ chant changes to “Lorghoth the Decayer, we awaken thee!” Hesk is attacked by a shambling mound of vegetative matter and muck in the western alcove. The party defeats the creature, and the chanting stops, the cultists shadowy remains disappearing.

The party returns to the Prison and explores the single remaining prisoner’s body and possessions, finding a ring claimed by Lister. Returning upstairs, the group explores the Cult Leaders’ Quarters, fighting two undead and finding a wealth of items, including but not limited to a spell book, a cloak (claimed by Arden), and several potions.

The group then returned to the Well and Cultist Quarters to take another long rest, exhausted after their combat.



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