Curse of Strahd

Session 4: Past the Portcullis

The darklord's shrine, and down to the reliquary and ritual chambed

The Party

  • Alvyn, forest gnome monk, level two (John)
  • Erlich, high elf paladin, level two (Kelanu)
  • Ewok, hill dwarf warlock, level two (Igor)
  • Godzilla, elf cleric, level two (Chad)
  • Gravrot, tiefling warlock, level two (Matt)
  • Hesk, half-orc fighter, level two (Caitlin)
  • Lister, human fighter, level two (Milo)
  • Mehen, dragonborn paladin, level two (Liam)

After taking a long rest in the cultist quarters by the well, the party continues exploring the dungeon level, trying to find the source of the just-audible chanting. In the darklord’s shrine, Erlich claims a crystal orb from the hand of a statue, waking five shadowy figures, which attack the group. After defeating the shadows, the party continues toward the cult leaders’ den, where Lister is surprised by a fleshy monstrosity masquerading as a door. The group surrounds the would-be door, and kills it.

Continuing toward the sound of the chanting, the adventurers find another passage downward. It leads to a reliquary featuring an assortment of items set in niches in the wall. Here, the chant is understandable: “He is the Ancient. He is the Land.” The party explores the reliquary, claiming several items as their own: a knife carved from bone, a dagger with a rat’s skull set into the pommel, a severed finger, and an iron pendant adorned with a devil’s face.

Heading toward what seems to be the source of the chanting, the group encounters a lowered rusty portcullis. As the group tries to raise it, Alvyn checks out another passage, finding an old prison. After looking into the cells, he returns to the group. They — having opened the portcullis — enter the ritual chamber, half-flooded with murky water.

Erlich approaches the top of the octagonal dais, causing 13 shadowy figures to appear along the ledge around the room. The chanting, which had stopped, begins again, changing: “One must die! One must die!”


You forgot BOTH of my items from the reliquary… a wooden figurine shaped like a mummy and a cloak made of human skin.

Session 4: Past the Portcullis

I mean “humanoid skin”.

Session 4: Past the Portcullis

I should have posted “including but not limited to”… _

Session 4: Past the Portcullis

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